“If other people are doing the things you want, I feel sometimes that can make you feel like you can’t or someone else is doing better than you or something. But I try to reinterpret that as something to aspire to. It can be a goal rather than something that makes you feel shitty about yourself. Just because someone else has got something that you haven’t got, it doesn’t mean you can’t ever get it.”

Brodie Lancaster


Just hang in there! Don’t settle for what doesn’t feel right. I’ve experienced it, and I know other people who’ve experienced it—just feeling stuck, like it’s not how it should make you feel. To not feel like you’re thriving, or making work that excites you.

If that’s the case, make work that excites you—for yourself. It’s hard to make a career in the creative industry, but you have to find your niche. There’s no point going to a job you hate day in day out, even if it’s in the creative industry.

Magda Ksiezak